My Resume

I help organizations deliver innovation through design-lead drills, comprising weekly demos, iterative prioritization and rapid-prototyping to quickly and thoroughly 
identify the box they need to think outside of.


Design Director, 2013-present

Fjord (Accenture), Paris - France

In charge of growth on four levels: develop the design practice inside Accenture, advance the skill level of the design team, grow the team’s head count without sacrificing the quality of the output and consolidate shared methodologies and culture in design and innovation.

Design and innovation consultant, (1997)2001-present, Paris - France

Used my proficiency in html, javaScript and actionScript to design and develop websites and user interfaces for web-publication tools. Founded in 2001 - Chanel, Yanke Prod., CEAA (Alternative and Atomic Energies Commission), Nuxeo.

User experience designer and project director, 2011-2013

Ministère (Babel), Paris - France

Totally autonomous, I plan my own schedule and evaluate how and where my contribution will make a difference. I intervene as a project director on innovation-related projects or as a consulting expert on responsive, mobile or touch-inclusive projects. At times I also act as an interpreter when clients outsource their production abroad.

iOS App Interaction design lead, 2011

Orange Vallée, Châtillon - France

Mainly in charge of behavioral architecture on iOS and cross-platform harmonization, rapid prototyping and guerrilla testing, I also led the initiative of blending Interaction, UX and UI design into the Scrum delivery process. For delivery purposes, I eventually took charge of the visual design and the functional and graphical specification streams.

IxDA-Paris co-founder, April 2010

IxDA, Paris - France

The three of us (Audrey Richard-Laurent / Drausio Haddad) took the initiative to eventually put Paris on the IxDA Local Groups map, with the ambition to advance interaction design out of its digital limits.

Information and communication sciences researcher, 2009 - 2010

Telecom ParisTech and Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, Paris - France

Conducted theoretical and field studies on interaction design as a reflective learning tool within a participatory design process to foster innovation based on user experience and use it to channel technology.

Interaction design teacher and tutor, 2008 - 2010

ENSCI-Les Ateliers / Telecom ParisTech, Paris - France

Helped and evaluated post-graduate and young professionals while they transition from product-based industrial design or engineering to interaction-based service design. Taught user-centered design thinking, industry standard prototyping, mock-up drills and “designerly” approaches to telecommunication industries.

Senior interaction designer and project leader, 2007 - 2009

Attoma, Paris - France

IIn charge of most interaction design projects, reporting directly to creative director and founder, Giuseppe Attoma. Responsibilities: bid writing and submission, methodology definition, cost evaluation, project staffing, design management, information architecture, art direction and communication design.
see projects: Hypervisor / Athéna / Geo-directory / Territorial watch

Lead interaction designer on web strategy management, 2007

Edelia (EDF Group), Paris - France

Responsible for defining the web strategy of a company selling web-based monitoring tools for household energy consumption. Responsibilities: user-centered functional and technical specifications, product-centered visual design and layout, production planning and requirements, further developments planning. See the project.

Interaction designer / Digital art director, 2004 - 2006

Reflex Interactive (Reflex Group) and 555-Lab, Paris - France

In charge of transforming visual concepts into actionScript-based motion graphics for luxury and premium brands: Moët & Chandon, Chanel, ECA2, Citröen C6. Responsibilities: production of mock-ups, rapid-prototyping (sketching in code) and providing the production team with artistic and concept-related technical specifications.

Graphic design intern, 2000

Tatum Studio, Paris -France

Visual design, publication and typography training under the supervision of Maria Arnold (former member of the Grapus design group). First introduction to typography, layout and visual communication techniques.

Set designer, 1998-2000

Tribu des Jeunes Créateurs, Paris -France

Furniture design, prototyping and manufacturing for the stage. All modules were conceived in collaboration with the stage director so as to allow specific interactions with the comedians.

Archaeology trainee, 1995-2000

IPH (Human Paleonthology Institute), Paris – France / Université-Paris IV-Sorbonne, Paris – France

Archaeological digs in: Quinson, France, Upper Paleolithic period; Termes-en-Termenais, France, Early Middle Ages period; Plateau de Langres, France, Gallo-Roman period.

Talks & Awards

Third prize winner @ Humanitech Challenge, Jun. 2010

Fondation des Casques Rouges, Paris - France

Group project: “HumaniMap”, a social-network-fed catastrophy map with specific data to help dispatch rescue efforts.

Design Star 2010 @ Étoiles de l'Observeur du Design, Nov. 2009

Observeur du Design, Paris - France

Project : “Hypervisor” a joint interaction design effort by Thalès D3S and Attoma.

Five Minutes Madness speaker @ ADN 10th Anniversary, Jun. 2009

ENSCI - Les Ateliers, Paris - France

Projects : “MiNiNet”, a $500 computer to bridge the gap to accessible office-automation for everyone; “Plain Black Magic”, the not-out-yet notepad and pen combination to facilitate office work.

Design Star 2008 @ Étoiles de l'Observeur du Design, Nov. 2007

Observeur du Design, Paris - France

Project : “A geo-directory of public services” a joint interaction design effort by CDC and Attoma.

Speaker @ Carrefour des Possibles, Feb. 2004

FING, Paris - France

Project : “MiNiNet”, a $500 computer to bridge the gap to accessible office-automation for everyone.

Second prize winner @ Utopia 1.0: a sustainable world, Apr. 2003

Cité du Design, Saint-Étienne - France

Project : “eChimeras” ∼ inert objects you once loved resurect as communication devices thanks to the electronic inseminator, a novel kind of repairer.

Interview by Pierre Leonforte, Jul. 2003

Le Figaro, Paris - France

Article : “Nous rêvons de replacer le consommateur dans une vraie relation avec l'objet utile” ∼ We dream of getting the consumer back to a true relationship with useful objects.

Speaker @ Carrefour des Possibles, Dec. 2002

FING, Paris - France

Project : “:+: redRiders :+:”, a fictional brand strategy that uses a “one-device-for-one-function” policy to eventually cover the user's whole body in electronics.

Tools and Skills

Communication, management, productivity, bug-tracking

proficient in: MS Office, Apple iWork, OmniPlan, OmniFocus, Iridesco Harvest, 37 signals Basecamp
grinded on: MS Visio, MS Project, FileMaker, Atlassian Confluence, Jira, Mantis
memories of: IBM Lotus

Architecture, wireframing, prototyping frameworks

proficient in: Illustrator, Flash, Balsamiq, Axure, OmniGraffle, Panic Coda, SublimeText, Smultron, iA Writer,
grinded on: MAMP, jQuery, jQTouch, Aptana, Sass, PhoneGap
tested/tasted: Django, Meteor, Compass

Visual and audio

proficient in: PhotoShop, FireWorks, Cubase, WaveLab, InDesign
learned: Quark Xpress, Rhinoceros, SolidWorks, 3DS Max, AutoCAD, ProTools, Final Cut
memories of: AfterEffects, Peak


fluent in: French, English, Malagasy, xhtml, (x)html 5, css 2, css 3, javaScript, ActionScript
learned: German, Italian, Proce55ing, php, SQL
memories of: Portuguese (Brazilian), Mandarin, Ancient Greek, Latin, LOGO, BASIC and C


I like to: talk and laugh, talk to strangers, talk in public, talk about design, talk and miss the bus, play capoeira, play the drums, play the TR 808, play the MPC 2500.
I can’t help: recording loops, drawing square buttons with rounded corners and a 5 o’clock shadow, arranging sticky notes in tree patterns, sticking stuff on walls.


PhD. candidate
Information and Communication Sciences, 2008 - 2010

Telecom ParisTech (ENST), Paris - France

Thesis: “Interaction Design: reflective learning and the creation of communication devices.”

Master’s degree (summa cum laude)
Advanced Design Studies, 2000 - 2006

ENSCI-Les Ateliers, Paris - France

Project: “Designing Interaction Right: Could we not to read another manual ever again?”
See the project.
Thesis: “Octet: An ensemble of eight articles documenting an interaction design practice.”
Read the thesis (French / pdf)

Archaeology major, 1997 - 2000

La Sorbonne - Paris IV, Paris - France

Specialty: Archaeology and History of Far Eastern Civilizations

High-school diploma (Baccalauréat), 1997

Lycée Molière, Paris - France

Specialty: Arts, Literature & Mathematics