Swiss RE

You know nothing about insurance until you meet the people who insure them, or insure the Hoover Dam, the Golden Gate bridge, the whole United Airlines fleet or a fleet of cars.

Swiss RE wants to ensure cars as they roll off the assembly line and enter the car company's leasing program. They wanted our team of five to find a way to develop data-based services around the car insurance that would trigger the customer's preference. We were in for an unforgettable push into the Swiss country-side, ended up delivering one of the biggest service bluprint in history and a service app which turned heads at the MWC 2015.

My part: I planned the whole engagement and hand-picked the better team to serve it. My role was mainly to adapt as novelties were thrown our way - big data, connected tires, shared autonomous cars etc. - to try and agregate every piece into a cohesive long term gameplay. The center-piece of this job were the two makeshops we ran in Zurich to help Swiss RE quite literally give birth to a thoroughly comprehensive service brluprint. The videos below show a timelapse of the first workshop and the making of the final bluprint.