1984 has not happened and you are the “pilot” behind Big Brother. How annoying does that sound? Hypervisor makes Big Brother's avalanche of tasks and information humanly accessible. Because we don't want him to take over, right?

Hypervisor is a supervision system powered by Thalès D3S and distributed to clients around the world such as transportation, oil, gas, electricity and security companies. It helps human operators monitor devices as diverse as cameras, automated doors, electric distribution, automated oil and gas taps in pipelines and rigs. The project was awarded a design star by the French Design Observer.

My part: Innovation consultant, interaction designer and project leader for Attoma. Bid submission. Field study. Supervision methods study. Supervision taskflow analysis. Methodology definition. Deliverables definition. Planning definition. Overall budget evaluation. Staff selection. Design management. Communication design. User inquiry. Global software concept definition. Global behavioral architecture definition. Cooperative patterns definition. Information architecture; Taskflows. Wireframing. Rapid-prototyping (ActionScript). Project documentation. Assembling Deliverables.