Groupama Life Insurance

Sometimes 'Digital Transformation' simply amounts to swapping a 6kg PC and printer bundle for a 700g tablet. But why stop there? How about we also make the best life insurance subscription tool ever?

Our team of three - interaction, visual - had hopes to change the life of door-to-door insurance salesmen. But our Accenture colleagues had their eyes on an even bigger prize: a responsive webapp based on html5 and Angular. It was both a transformation and an acceleration into the future for Groupama. We were there to help them navigate these waters, from scrum to design sprints to the market.

My part: I planned the design sprints to lock our deliveries within the developpers' scrum cycle. I hand-picked two of the best interaction and visual designers we had on the team. I put the interaction designer in charge of the design sprint while the visual designer was in charge of the hand-over to the scrum team. We had a delivery every trhee weeks. The alpha was released after 1.5 months.