Geolocated Index

A geolocated directory helps citizens locate the closest public service(s) of their choice and wins a Design Star by the Design Observer.

The Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations is a French institution spearheading the modernization of the State Administration. In this perspective, increasing accessibility to the public services for the general population is a fundamental task. Hence the design of a geo-directory to “pinpoint public services near you”. Attoma was asked to set up a design process involving iterative user-testing, to assess, measure and increase accessibility and ease of use. The process went only through the first iteration. The project eventually won a national award.

My part: Innovation consultant, interaction designer and project leader for Attoma; Bid submission; Overall budget evaluation; Methodology definition; Deliverables definition; Planning definition; Communication design; Testing protocol definition; Use syntax definition; Information architecture; Taskflows; Assembling Deliverables; Testing prototype development (ActionScript).