Consortium Design

When college level educational and cultural institutions get together to train designers and teach creative processes and gestalt, they form what's know as a "Consortium". Impressed yet?

The Consortium regroups institutions from Saint-√Čtienne and Lyon, France, each one of them firmly attached to the notion of "territory". This is not the whole country nor Paris. This is quasi-exclusively the Lyon-Saint-√Čtienne "conurbation" area. So the website is essentially a scroll-through map and the navigation pad is a compass. There's a red diagonal slash in the middle of it. Instead of the North-South axis, it represents the Lyon-Saint-√Čtienne diagonal as you can verify on the map in the last image. The territory itself is rendered in ascii art in the background.

My part: Initiated the original idea. Co-directed the visual design. Rapid prototyping. Hacked and patched together the Ajax code that runs the website.