Banque de Luxembourg

How about re-imagining private banking through the lens of the client-advisor relationship?

Banking as a service is taking a toll on all fronts: transparency, reliability, performance and modernity. Now put Luxemburg's centuries-long habit for discretion, secrecy and opacity in this context. Far from being a dire situation, this is an opportunity to re-think private banking as a whole. We were a team of five - interaction, visual, business, technologist - to try and redefine BDL's offering.

My part: I drafted the overall planning and hand-picked the team. I was mainly in charge of client relationship to assure both the core team and the methodology (service design) were met with good sponsorship and advocacy within the bank. I helped the team prioritize activities and re-shape the methodology when needed on a weekly basis. I also served as a last resort decision maker for establishing the overall vision for the new private banking offering. The video below shows an overiew of the weekly workshops I would conduct to achieve just that.