One oughts to summon the right goddess to address public order intelligence. We summoned end-users to help us figure out what good intelligence should be.

The project Athéna was one of a kind. The engineering team at Thalès Communication was visionary and dynamic enough to let us bring end-users in the design team. At times the whole group could amount to nearly 30 people (designers, engineers, end-users, project managers, account managers). We would design the application together for 8 hours a day twice a week during the course of 4 months. I presented wireframes and engineers and end-users would spontaneously collaborate to trash them. All I needed to do then was to take notes. We had a great time!

My part: Innovation consultant, interaction designer and project leader for Attoma. Bid submission. Overall budget evaluation. Field study. Military operation immersion. Methodology definition. Deliverables definition. Planning definition. Design management. Communication design. Participative design workshop methodology definition. Participative design workshop animation and facilitation. Cooperative patterns definition. Information architecture. Taskflows. Wireframing. Assembling Deliverables.