This is one of these situations, you know, when from time to time someone - preferably your boss - walks into your office and goes: "I might use your help on something." Now here's the something: communicate how effective and innovative a section 409A valuation software is. "You have one webpage". Then of course: "the deliverable was due yesterday."

AlgoValue is a breakthrough. It gets rid of human error, crawls through mountains of case studies that a whole human life of benchmarking would not even nip, does that in a matter of minutes, on-line and the experts would find the results laudable. I think that whole previous sentence is a valid communication strategy. Now, When looking at the last image, I can't help but think, maybe I should have written that those wireframes were to be run through a graphic designer's perspective.

My part: Wireframes galore to pin-point the right content hierarchy. Wording galore because tight schedule means you cannot dispatch an editor or a copy-writer. A directional brief that had to fit in one one-sided A4 for better transmission and the following interpretation.